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Student Owned Electronic and Computing Devices

To support instruction, students will be permitted to bring a personally owned electronic and computing device to school at the teacher’s discretion. The use of student owned devices at Colin Powell ES is restricted to instructional activities under the direct supervision of a staff member. Students using privately owned electronic devices must follow the policy stated in the FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities while on school property, attending school-sponsored activities, or using the FCPS network.

Approved personally owned electronic and computing devices include laptops, netbooks, tablets, e-readers and smartphones. Smartphones may be used during the school day only at the discretion of the principal, the principal’s designee, or the teacher; such use is for instructional purposes only; otherwise, they must be off and out of sight between the school hours of arrival and dismissal. Only the principal or the principal’s designee can give student permission to use a cell phone for phone calls or texts during the school day.

Fairfax County Public Schools is not responsible for any device or data loss, theft, damage or other associated costs of replacement or repair incurred during the school day as a result of participation in this program.  Fairfax County Public Schools is also not responsible for the maintenance or configuration of personally owned electronic and computing devices.  Maintenance and charging are the responsibility of the student to be completed at home and not at school during instructional times.

Student Use of Personally Owned Electronic and Computing Devices

  • Students using personally owned devices will always connect to the FCPS Wi-Fi network (not cellular service) for instructionally related activities.
  • Devices shall be used solely for instructional purposes in the classroom.
  • Devices that do not have Wi-Fi capability may not be used for internet access.
  • All devices are strictly prohibited in bathrooms, the cafeteria during lunch, and on the playground during recess.
  • Additional prohibited areas may be determined by the principal or teacher.
  • Students shall be responsible for adhering to the technology use expectations and their overall use of technology as documented in the FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities document.
  • It is a privilege for students to use their personally owned device at school and this privilege shall be taken away if students act irresponsibly or violate school policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my child be using their device during the school day? We anticipate students will use the devices to read during free-reading time, to access websites with curriculum-related content and to access online textbooks. With this rapidly changing technology, this may change as students and teachers adapt.

What about security/theft/damage? Personally owned devices are treated the same as any other device, equipment, or property. Devices are the sole responsibility of the student. Colin Powell Elementary accepts NO responsibility for the security or safety of the device.

What apps/software will be used in the classroom? FCPS does not provide or require apps or software for personally owned devices. Classroom lessons will be tailored for the technology that all students have access to.

What happens if the device breaks while in school? The student will put the device away and take it home at the end of the school day where the student and parent can troubleshoot the device. FCPS has limited resources and cannot provide support for the wide variety of devices allowed under this program.

Why are cellular data plans not permitted? To facilitate instruction and practice internet safety, FCPS’s internet connection is protected by an internet content filter. Cellular data plans do not use FCPS’s internet connection and therefore do not use FCPS’s internet content filter.

Should I go out and buy my child a device? There is no requirement that a student have a personal device. Personally owned devices are a supplement to the equipment already in use in the classroom.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

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