School Innovation & Improvement Plan

An at-a-glance look at outcome goals for this academic school year

2023-2024 School Innovation & Improvement Plan (SIIP) At-a-Glance

Colin L. Powell ES

Region 4

Jamie Luerssen, Principal

English Language Arts 

Goal: Students reading on grade level by the end of 3rd Grade.

Measurable Outcome:

  • By May 2024, students reading by 3rd grade will increase from 72% to at least 77% as measured by the SOLs/VAAP.
  • By May, 2024, SWD reading by 3rd grade will increase from 33% to 38% as measured by the SOL/VAAP.
  • By May, 2024, ELs reading by 3rd grade will increase from 41% to 46% as measured by the SOL/VAAP.

Strategy 1

Expand access to evidence-based tier 1 instruction as well as intervention for students demonstrating risk in a multi-tiered system of supports. (HLP 1-5)

Strategy 2

Increase use of data (e.g., iReady, CORE, PASS, PRF, WIDA) to plan instruction and monitor progress for students demonstrating risk. (HLP 2-5)

Strategy 3

Increase use of WIDA tools and rubrics to support language development (HLP 1-4).

Additional Learning Environment Strategy

Relationships: Provide explicit structures and resources that enable relationship development.



Goal: Growth and performance on state/national/international assessments in math. Successful completion of Algebra 1 by 8th Grade (leading indicators).

Measurable Outcome: By May 2024, Math SOL scores will increase from 87% to at least 92% as measured by the SOLs/VAAP.

Strategy 1

Increase teacher implementation of explicit instruction and other components of effective mathematics intervention.

Strategy 2

Increase teachers implementation strategies related to Shift 4: from show and tell to share and compare.


Portrait of a Graduate (POG)

Goal: All students will complete a POG Presentation of Learning (POL) by 2025-26. 

Measurable Outcome: By the end of the 2023-24 school year, 100% of students will be able to reflect on how they grew in their grade level selected POG skills and why it matters with an average score of at least "Proficient" on Criteria 1 & 3 of the POG POL rubric. 

Strategy 1

Enhance teachers' understanding of POG POL.

Strategy 2

Empower students to reflect deeply on their growth and the purpose of the selected POG skills.

Strategy 3

Communication with families about the importance of POG.

For additional information regarding this School Plan, please contact the school principal.