Fairfax County School Health Newsletter

May/June 2018 Newsletter

Medicine is Not Candy 

Did you know some medicines look like candy? Keep students safe by practicing a few simple medication safety rules:

  1.  Talk to your kids about medication safety. Don't confuse kids by comparing medicine to candy.
  2.  Keep all medicines in a secure location – up, away and out of sight.
  3.  Close medicine caps tightly after each use and buy medicines in child-resistant packages when you can. Remember, child-resistant does not mean child-proof and some children will still be able to open the cap.
  4.  Only use the dosing device that comes with the medicine.
  5.  Put medicines back after every use.
  6.  Talk to older relatives and caregivers about being extra careful with their medications when children are around.
  7.  Be alert to visitors' medicines as they may not consider safety precautions.